Luke & Ethan

It all started off quite playfully when Ethan met Luke. They compared their tans and blond hair, and joked about cruising the world together in Ethan's van (if Luke's performance met Ethan's standards, of course).

"He's big," Ethan commented as he tapped on Luke's big muscular chest.

"I bet you he is too," Luke laughed and gestured toward Ethan's crotch. "I've heard stories."

Luke had mentioned he was curious to see how far down he could go on Ethan's huge cock, and it was time for Luke to see it in person. There was a subtle stare of awe as Ethan pulled his underwear off. But the tables quickly turned as Ethan pulled down Luke's underwear and came back up with a huge smile on his face.

"Are you both uncut?" I asked.

"Nice! This is a first time for me too!" Ethan said with that smile still plastered on his face. His excitement was instantly obvious as he stood there — his cock started to get hard as he thought about another uncut cock to play with!

"You're growing..." I pointed out.

"This is cool... I'm actually getting pretty hard right now," Ethan said. "I think it's mating season... it's in the air!"

Published June 3, 2011

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