"You're definitely not shy... I'll give you that..."

"I'm not shy about anything!" Marshall said. He had that smile and those sexy blue eyes.

And he shouldn't be shy. Because he's perfect... from head to toe!

He's smooth and muscular, with a furry ass. Then there's his dick... it's big and long! And his nuts are large too.

"Do you get a lot of comments on your body?"

"I do, yeah," he replied.

"From who? Like random people from down the street?"

"Yeah random people. Men, you know... I usually get more comments from men then woman. Surprisingly."

Marshall has just starting going to college.

"I've spent the past 6 years in the military, so I haven't really had much of an opportunity," he explained.

Marshall was one of the most charming guys I've met in a long time. He's very laid back and he approaches everything with a sense of humor.

"Is it awkward playing with your dick in front of cameras?"

""No, I always play with my dick," he said. "It's about time that I get to show it off!"

Published April 5, 2012

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