Stu, Dan & Aidan: Bareback

After Aidan gave Stu a nice, hard, wet blow job, he was very anxious for more.

“He’s like one of the top three sexiest guys ever,” Aidan joked.

Stu was all for it. “If he fucks as good as he gives head...” he laughed.

Dan was also excited about being with Stu. He’d met him previously and was definitely interested!

“He gave you a really good grade!” I said to Aidan as he was hanging out with Stu and Dan.

“Yeah, I know,” Aidan said. “It was awesome... I loved it!”

Stu laughed nervously. He was little out of his element but he was having fun.

“I asked if he still had his furry butt,” Aidan said. “Because I really like his furry butt!”

“Yeah my butt’s pretty furry!” Stu replied.

The guys talked a little bit about what they wanted to do to each other.

But it was Stu who pretty much summed it up: “We’re going to pound some butt hole!”

Published February 21, 2013

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