Ross Gets Fucked

Ross has never had his ass fucked — by anything or anyone. Virgin assholes are sometimes tough to crack, so when Ross decided that he wanted to take the next step I had him come in a few days before we did the shoot. I wanted to see if he could even take anything up there, so we practiced a little with a dildo. Needless to say, he was very, very tight and the first few minutes were pretty uncomfortable for him. But, as his ass muscles loosened up, he seemed more relaxed and was eventually able to get the whole dildo up. Good to go...

Like a lot of the guys who appear with our straight boys, Jeffrey was a viewer who wanted to do a video. Jeffrey's got a tall, lean build and a cock that rivals some of our biggest models! Plus, he's a great top and loved the idea of fucking a hot straight boy.

I've heard that anal sex is 50% pleasure and 50% pain. I'm not sure what was going through Ross' head during his first all-male pounding, but those ratios seemed about right. He had a very, very intense look on his face while Jeffrey fucked his ass, and for someone who is usually shy and quiet Ross was definitely making some noise!

Published February 25, 2005

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