Colby & Patrick

A few weeks ago, I got an e-mail from someone I hadn't seen in over a year — Colby! He had been thinking about the videos he did with us a while back and was wanting to explore some more on-camera action.

I have always liked Colby. He's a really nice guy and super easy to work with. And, he seemed more eager than ever to get fucked by a hot cock...

So, he came out a little while later and he'd definitely changed! I always love it when earlier models come back for more because it's neat to see the subtle changes in their looks and personalities. Colby was more lean and muscular than I'd seen him before, but he still had that cute, boyish face and coy smile.

Up until now, Patrick had been mostly a bottom, mainly because he's so good at it! But he wanted a chance to explore the other side, so I went ahead and gave him the chance. He's got that nice thick cock and it's always a shame when well-hung guys only bottom.

Now, to say that I was surprised with Patrick would be an understatement. His cock was rock hard the entire time and he genuinely seemed to enjoy giving Colby a good, thorough fucking!

Published February 3, 2006

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