Trevor is mostly into guys, but sometimes he's in the mood for girls.

"Not very often though," he said. "But sometimes it's fun to him 'em from behind!"

He's 22 and he loves to skateboard. He spends pretty much all of his free time in the park doing just that.

"It's such a good way to meet people," he said. "You wouldn't believe it!"

"Guys or girls?"

"Both," he said, laughing.

"The guys who skateboard have awesome bodies," he explained. "It's fun to meet them, do a little skating, and then take them home and fuck them!"

He says he's versatile, and the position he prefers depends on the guy he's with.

"There's no pattern," he said. "But if the guy has a nice cock I'll probably be getting fucked!"

Published September 9, 2009

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