Trevor & Isaac

I love versatile men!

There's just something really cool about a guy who loves to take it up the ass (and is hard the whole time) and who also loves to fuck a hot ass (and does it really well).

Isaac is definitely one of those guys. Not only does he suck a cock like nobody's business, he's a self-confessed "power bottom" and also a great top.

"You know me," Isaac said. "I'm always down for anything!"

Trevor is coming out of his shell and he's definitely heading down that path as well. Great top and bottom.

So this was a fun couple to film!

My favorite part is the end where Isaac fucks the shit out of Trevor. Isaac strokes Trevor's cock while he fucks him. Trevor gets closer and closer, his balls tighten up, and Isaac strokes a big load out of him (which lands all over Isaac's chest and stomach)!

Then, Trevor leans down to kiss Isaac and Isaac's still-hard cock slides out of Trevor's spent ass!

Published September 30, 2009

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