Jonah is a little soured on the concept of marriage.

He tied the knot right out of high school, at the tender age of eighteen.

"Did you knock her up or something?" I asked.

"No, nothing like that," he said. "I loved her and it just felt right."

"Is that what made you get married so young?"

"Being stuck in a northern state... you find a girl, you better keep her."

Apparently, after the ring went on her finger she became a raging bitch.

He didn't seem to want to go into detail, but he offered: "She was pretty controlling."

"How long have you been divorced?"

"About 14 or 15 months."

"So it's a new thing... Are you enjoying being single?"

"Oh yeah," he said with a sigh of relief. "It's nice."

"So now what's your perfect kind of girl?"

"One who's fit and doesn't want to get married."

Wow, she must have been bad. I'll never get how these girls who have hot men can be so miserable.

Anyway, Jonah is enjoying the single life and he has a lot of girls chasing him.

With his handsome face, perfect hair, and smooth, chiseled body that's not much of a surprise!

Published January 17, 2010

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