Blowing Gabe

I first met Gabe outside a bar where he was trying to pick up on girls. I was instantly taken by his sweet, boy-next-door looks and after getting to know me a little better, he decided he wanted to do some modeling.

Getting him naked the first time was quite a treat — I discovered he has a great dick and big, sexy balls. He's kind of quiet and shy, but coy and sexual at the same time. After filming his hot solo performance, I knew I wanted to get him in for some man-to-man dick sucking.

Enter Foster. Besides having a cute face, great body, and big dick, this hottie is also a master at sucking cock.

The three of us got together on a late afternoon and put some hetero porn on to get Gabe in the mood. He was real stiff at first (as they always are), but Foster put him at ease very quickly, massaging his chest, stomach, and armpits. When Gabe started to squirm with pleasure, Foster slowly pulled Gabe's rock-hard cock out of his pants...

Published June 18, 2004

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