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This wasn't the first time I had met Beau.

It was about five months ago, and his jaw was wired shut.

He had been in a bar fight, and the other guy did a number on him.

So it was a short visit, as we both knew we had to wait for his jaw to heal.

Once it did, he came back, and he'd actually put on more muscle, which was surprising considering he'd been on a liquid diet for months.

So with his bar-brawling ways, it nearly knocked me over when he told us what he wanted to do:

"I want to be a particle physicist," he said.

He's well into getting his degree, and he's doing quite well.

"Are you getting good grades?"

"A's in every class so far," he said.

So he's got a wild side, but he's also good in school.

He's also got a BIG dick, which he uses a lot. He says he masturbates quite frequently:

"If it's a week with not a lot going on... I'd say four to six times a day!"

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