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Yuri had wanted to visit the United States ever since he was a little boy. When he was a teenager, he learned English, and when he turned 20 he took a break from college and left Poland, his home country.

"How long have been in the United States?"

"One year," he responded.

He said he's visited mostly "hot" cities, like San Diego and Miami. His favorite so far is Miami, because "they have nude beaches there."

"It's so much fun here," he said. "I really like America. It's like a big train station. People from all over the world come here."

Yuri is so much fun to be around. He enjoys every minute and always has a smile on his face.

As he travels through the country, he's earning money as a personal trainer.

"I got a license in Europe and I continue to work here," he said.

Yuri has a gymnast's body, with a light dusting of hair. And, of course, a nice uncut cock.

After he dumped his load, we asked him to taste it. He had never tasted his own cum before, so this was a first for him. But he's adventurous, and he agreed.

"It's very sweet," he said, after placing a dollop of it in his month.

"You like it?"

"Yeah," he said, laughing. "It's very good!"

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