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Peter lived in Alaska for a short time. As he put it, he had a “love-hate thing” with the state, but found ways to keep himself occupied while there – the gym was one of them. Working out consistently for the past six years has kept him in great shape. Peter loves to work out his chest. This boy’s got some big meaty pecs and he’s happy to flex and show them off.

Peter was a bit shy at first, but once he was naked he seemed to get into his element. He’s a grower, with a thick cut cock, and he's got the double-fisted jack-off thing down pretty good! When he cums, it keeps dripping and dripping…and dripping.

I took Peter to the beach to give him his first taste of California's beaches and it wasn’t exactly warm (actually, it was pretty cold). Peter is used to the lower temperatures, so it wasn’t an issue for him. He seemed to really enjoy himself!

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