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Pete & Landon

Pete & Landon

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Pete’s back! He’s still hitting the gym hard, beefing up and the hard work shows.

Pete said it had been about five or six months since he had been fucked, and he was really looking forward to it. He had heard all about Landon’s huge penis and was anxious to see it for himself.

As the guys got to know each other, we joked around about the nicknames we’d given to Landon’s cock. Kick stand. Baby leg. Genghis Kahn. And, I couldn’t help but notice the little twinkle in Pete’s eye after each nickname we remembered. The chemistry was pretty instant — you could tell as soon as they started making out.

Pete couldn’t wait to get Landon’s pants off and take a crack at his cock. As soon as the underwear was down, Pete went to town. Pete was really into it, licking and sucking and stroking. Then it was Landon's turn. He bent Pete over and started eating ass… getting it wet and ready for what was ahead.

Landon didn’t even let Pete get his pants off all the way — he was definitely ready to fuck. And, once he was in, you could tell Pete was really getting into it!

It was one intense fuck session. Pete came while Landon was ramming him missionary style. Then, Landon ejaculated all over Pete’s stomach, barely able to get his hand around his own cock with Pete staring at him, smiling...

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