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Jess & Max

Jess & Max

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Big-dicked Jess was back with a big smile on his face. He was in a really good mood and sitting with Max on the lip of a tub that filled with an insane amount of bubbles!

I remembered what he'd said on his first visit: "I'll try anything once." He'd never had sex with a guy before, and this was his first time.

"What are your thoughts on this whole situation?"

"I enjoy everything I do," he replied with a smile.

Everyone was feeling kind of silly that day. The guys just threw each other into the tub, clothes and all, and starting making out.

Max got Jess out of his wet pants and then took as much of Jess' cock into his mouth as he could!

Then it was on to Jess' hairy ass. Max turned him around and ate out his wet crack.

When it came time to fuck, I was surprised at how well Jess did. His impressive cock was rock hard as he slid it into Max's bubble butt.

Jess really gave Max a good pounding. By the time Max was cleaning off Jess' spent cock with his tongue, both of them were sweaty and out of breath!

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