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Jamie & Yuri

Jamie & Yuri

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Yuri had so much fun on his last visit, he was really excited to come back. He’s a lot of fun to be around, and he has a ton of energy. I wanted to pair him up with a hot, enthusiastic guy who likes to get fucked hard!

Of course, Jamie seemed to be the perfect choice. He’s always eager to please a hot new top, and as he’s gained more “experience” he’s gotten better and better at it.

I just knew that the guys would get along really well, so I wanted to take them out to the beach for some pre-sex activities. Once we got there, it almost seemed like a little competition between the two of them -- who could ham it up more for the camera?

We brought one of those long, thick tug-of-war ropes, and Jamie had it wrapped around him, ready to walk to the beach.

“Doesn’t he look cute with that rope wrapped around him?”

“Yes,” Yuri said with a big smile. “He does!”

It was a short walk onto the sand, and both of them were talking about who was going to win. They have similar builds (lean and muscular), so I wasn’t sure...

The actual tug-of-war was really hot! Their muscles really worked under the hot sun, and all that tugging really made their muscles stand out!

Yuri was the winner (twice).

“I guess that means I get to bottom,” Jamie joked. Well, that was going to happen anyway!

The boys seemed extra horned up, so we headed back.

Jamie started out by giving Yuri some head, which Yuri loved. Then, Yuri really fucked the hell out of Jamie.

Jamie finally ejaculated, and it was big and messy!

Yuri was next, cumming all over Jamie’s face and neck. The best part was the make-out session afterward, with Yuri licking up every drop of cum!

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