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Shane’s a West Coast native who loves the beach. There’s a charm to his voice that really grabbed my attention when we first spoke, and although he seems shy he's actually pretty open.

So I just jumped right in!

“Do you consider yourself a romantic or a man-whore?”

“A romantic,” Shane replied, without hesitation. That made sense — especially when I asked him what his favorite sexual position was, and he replied, “the girl on top, looking at me, our eyes connecting, bodies moving.”

An avid runner, Shane’s body is lean and tight. You can tell he spends a lot of time running trails and doing crunches. He’s got a long, uncut cock with big balls and his jack-off lube of choice: spit, nothing else needed.

Shane shot a nice load all over his hands and pubes. When he was done, we asked him if he’d ever tasted his own cum.

“No, but I’m pretty sure it tastes good,” he said.

“You gonna taste it for me and tell me if it tastes good?” (We thought he’d say no.)

“Okay,” he said, licking some cum off his fingers. “Hmm, tastes pretty salty!”

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