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Mitch & Russ

Mitch & Russ

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Mitch is back and he fucks Russ silly!

I hadn't seen Mitch in a while. It was really nice to see his smiling face again!

"What have you been up to?"

"Just working," said. "Work has been pretty busy."

Mitch is still in the banking industry, and with all the shit that's going on there, I wasn't surprised!

Russ was interested in having sex with another guy. I thought that Mitch's return was very fortuitous, because they both have that quiet, genuine, well-mannered exterior with just the right amount of "dirty" on the inside. I was especially curious about Russ — all that military training he’s had might make for some pretty intense sex!

They made out on the sofa for a while and I could feel the sexual tension in the room escalate. The longer they made out, the more intense it got. Then, Russ dropped to his knees and started sucking Mitch’s cock.

They moved from the sofa to the floor, where Mitch bent and maneuvered Russ' body all over until he found the perfect position to rim his ass.

They fucked slow and fast, soft and hard until, finally, Mitch couldn’t take anymore. Just as soon as Russ came all over his stomach, Mitch flipped him over and shot all over his back!

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