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After I got to know Braden, I got the definite impression that he was a late bloomer. You know, the tall, lanky, skinny kid who's painfully shy, and then all of a sudden, the muscles pop out and he's hot!

According to him, though, the muscles came through hard work.

"I'm a hard gainer," he said. "It was tough at first to put any weight on."

Now, he’s a competition swimmer and polo player who trains daily and maintains a very strict diet to keep him in top shape for the water.

But, he's still kind of shy. Talking about girls made him look at the floor and blush!

Braden has really nice pecs, which he mainly attributes to swimming (his favorite stroke is the butterfly). When he’s not swimming, he’s running or working out.

His favorite part of the shoot?

He loved showing some of his speed training moves... running with a parachute behind him at the beach!

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