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Jess & Dennis

Jess & Dennis

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I like to tease Dennis that he enjoys experimenting in front of the camera a little too much. But, that makes him a perfect match for the fairly uninhibited Jess. I think Dennis has done almost as much with guys as Jess has done with his girlfriend — and if you remember, that’s quite a bit.

One thing Jess’ girlfriend won’t do is take his dick up her ass. It’s just too big. And I knew that wouldn't be a problem for Dennis!

They wasted no time getting acquainted. The shirts came off and they licked and sucked each others bodies until Dennis ripped of Jess’ jeans.

“Fuck,” Dennis said, looking at Jess’s big, thick cock. Then, he dropped his mouth right on it and started to suck.

Jess really fucked Dennis upside and down! Dennis shot like a sprinkler all over his stomach and then got flipped around so Jess could unload all over his back. Dennis ended up being covered in cum, back and front. I don’t think he minded one bit!

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