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Brad & Mitchell

Brad & Mitchell

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This has to be a record for the longest time between shoots! Or up there at least...

Remember Brad with the thick, beer-can dick and all the precum? Well, he's been gone for over a year, focusing on school and getting ready for baseball season. He's leaned up and put on more muscle since the last time he was out. We finally reconnected and I was excited to get him back out here!

Mitchell has also leaned up and put on more muscle. And he seems to have developed a liking for big dicks!

They were both really cute about meeting each other. Neither of them was sure who was going to top and who was going to bottom and I figured I’d just let them decide in the moment.

After making out for a while on the sofa, Mitchell went right for Brad’s jeans, tore them off and started sucking on his fat cock. For a newbie, Mitchell worked Brad pretty well!

Mitchell's penchant for large dicks won out and he ended up getting fucked hard by Brad's big one!

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