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Marcus is a shy, friendly guy with a wonderful, deep voice that booms when he speaks. He's originally from Alaska, and he describes himself as the type of person who has a few close friends instead of a huge circle of acquaintances.

"I grew up in a really small town," he explained. "My high school had like fifty people. You didn't have a lot of choices when it came to friends!"

I guess that where the shyness comes from.

“You will be the first guys to ever see me naked,” he said.

“Really? What about P.E. in school or in the locker room at the gym?”

“Nope. Never,” he said. Then, he took off his clothes and I could tell it was like a big exhale for him.

He has nothing to be shy about. His dick is huge and it only got bigger as he stroked it! And when he came — well, he cums a lot! The first time, he shot a huge load all over the leather sofa. Then after a little fun in the sun at the beach, he came, again, all over the bedroom mirror. No joke, the second load was bigger than the first!

“Are you more comfortable jerking off in front of guys now?”

“Oh yeah," he said with a smile. "I’ll be more comfortable doing anything…anything!”

“Do you realize that’s a bad thing to say to us?”

“Yeah," he replied, laughing. "That kinda popped in my head after I said it..."

God, he's adorable!

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