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Vincent is a boxer with a great physique and a great set of balls. It's seems he's also a romantic, keeping hopes up that "the one" is out there for him.

He figured since he spends all that time in the gym boxing and working out he might as well show it off. I had him get undressed and, sure enough, he wasted no time flexing and showing off for the camera.

I asked Vincent to show me some of his boxing skills. He packs a serious punch, giving the speed bag and punching bag a good beating. You can see all his muscles working. It looked like the boxing turned him on and he was ready to work out a load. He jacks off like he works out — very intense. I really like how his balls slap back and forth as he strokes.

After he came, he let out a big ‘whew’ and I could tell that he had been ready to cum for a while.

At the beach he talked about his future and he’s definitely a boxer down to his core. When he’s not in the ring he’s in the gym, training for the ring!

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