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Kane is a 21-year-old beach jock. He told me he was a shy guy, which would explain why it was his friend who had submitted Kane’s photos to us.

He had never been on camera before but didn’t seem very nervous or anxious at all. He’s easy to talk to and definitely isn’t afraid to make fun of himself a little. He says he’s a bit of a “cheese ball” but I bet that his smile gets some attention when he’s out partying.

His body is well defined. What I really liked were his big balls and how he played with them when he jerked off until he blew his first big creamy load.

We went to the beach to throw a volleyball around. After that it seemed like he was hornier than the first time he jerked off. He showed his ass off and when he came, he rubbed his load all over those big balls. It’s definitely the shy one’s you have to watch out for!

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