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Esteban & Mitchell

Esteban & Mitchell

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Esteban was so frisky during his first video that I had to have him back. He has a rather extra large uncut cock, so I needed to pair him with someone who could take it! Mitchell was ideal since he’s been enjoying giving it up to large cocks lately.

They joked about their chiseled chests at first but Mitchell couldn’t wait to get Esteban’s cock in his mouth. It popped out of Esteban’s underwear nice and hard right away.

He started sucking it and swallowed every thick inch. Then, Mitchell bent Esteban over the sofa and gave him a deep rim job. Esteban didn’t seem to mind one bit (and actually kind of liked it).

Esteban was rock hard and ready to fuck Mitchell’s ass. He bent him over the sofa and teased his hairy hole with his cock before pounding into him. Esteban took his time enjoying Mitchell’s ass and Mitchell loved every minute of it.

Esteban jerked on Mitchell’s cock while fucking him until Mitchell shot his load all over his stomach. When it was his turn, Esteban came all over Mitchell’s stomach as well, leaving him drenched in cum!

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