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Oscar is a really nice straight guy who is interested in doing some adult videos as long as he doesn't have to anything "gay" (I guess I have my work cut out for me on this one).

The day that we did this shoot was not the first time I actually met him. Oscar was referred to me by someone else and when he came in he was anxious to do his first video.

I always ask the guys how long it's been since they had an orgasm because I like them to go at least 24 hours before I film them. Oscar was a little sheepish on that point and when I pinned him down he admitted that he had sex not once, but twice that morning with his ex-girlfriend. So, I scheduled him to come back the next day and made him promise that he would not bust a nut until then (translation: tell the "ex" to lay off for a day).

Oscar has a very tasty dick with a nice, dark, natural bush. He says his mother is Latin and his father is German. Nice mix, I'd have to say...

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