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Jimmy is what I would call a "muscle cub" — blond hair, blue eyes and tan all over. He makes a good living training body builders for competition. He’s really well built himself with great shoulders and big hairy pecs.

Jimmy started working out when he was 13. He did it to bulk up for football and it just kind of stuck with him. The bigger he got, the more people asked him how to do it and so he figured personal training would be an ideal career.

When he’s not in the gym, he’s taking care of his pride and joys, his two German Shepherds.

“They’re huge. One is three and the other is one and they take up a lot of my time.”

Jimmy is a self-proclaimed swinger and goes home with couples all the time. He says sometimes guys just want to watch him fuck their wives or girlfriends and eventually end up with their pants down around their ankles!

I was curious about this swinging thing so I asked him if he had ever done anything with the guys, too. He didn’t say yes… but he didn’t exactly say no either.

One thing I noticed about Jimmy when he got naked — he’s got veins everywhere... legs, calves, abs and cock. He’s got a great cock with a nice up curve that gets rock hard. And, he loves to jack off. He says jacking off and cumming helps him stay fit. And, you’d be surprised at just how much energy he expels when he cums – it definitely looks like a full-body workout!

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