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Jess & Mitch

Jess & Mitch

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Pointing out the obvious is always a good ice breaker!

“His dick is quite enormous," I said to Mitch, referring to Jess' member. "Have you ever had a dick in your ass that big?”

“I can’t say that I have,” he replied with a little laugh.

"Foreplay," they joked, was a race to see who could get undressed the quickest. However, once the clothes were off it was a different story. They made out and stroked each other’s cocks. Mitch then filled his mouth with Jess' cock, sucking it gently and licking his balls. Jess then sucked on Mitch's cock before letting him have his big dick.

Mitch straddled Jess and sat down, easing Jess' huge cock inside him and rode it as Jess jerked on Mitch's cock. As they continued, switching positions all over the room, Mitch's dick bounced with every stroke that Jess gave him as he pounded him from behind.

The chemistry and fucking was so intense that Mitch seemed to want more and more... making him cum as Jess worked his dick inside of him.

When they were done, they laid there caressing and kissing, relaxing after such an intense fuck.

"That was fun." Mitch said as he lay there covered in cum.

"True story," Jess replied with a huge grin on his face...

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