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Jamie & Esteban

Jamie & Esteban

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Esteban and Jamie have a lot in common. They both wrestled in high school, and both are extremely hot and very horny! I thought it would be fun to get them together and although Jamie has always liked to get fucked by very large cocks (like Esteban’s), this time I wanted to let Jamie expand his horizons. Jamie and I were both very excited as this would be Jamie's first time as a top!

“Well, I’m usually the top,” Esteban said, referring to his limited experience so far. “But today, I’m going to do something new.”

“Are you excited, a little nervous, what’s going through your head?”

“I’m a little nervous,” he replied.

Jamie was really sweet with Esteban — making out with him and sucking his cock. I saw Jamie’s eyes when he noticed how large Esteban’s cock is — almost as if he was second-guessing being a top this time around!

Esteban worked Jamie’s dick with his lips and tongue before sitting on it. I was surprised by how good Jamie was at fucking, and Esteban really seemed to enjoy it!

Jamie pounded into Esteban and stroked his big uncut dick, until finally Esteban came while Jamie was still inside him. Jamie eagerly licked up Esteban’s cum and then gave him a long, deep kiss.

Esteban finished Jamie off by fingering his asshole, making Jamie shoot his load all over his stomach. Although I still think Jamie loves to get fucked, he definitely loved this taste of something new!

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