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Julio & Calvin

Julio & Calvin

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Julio has been in celebration mode since turning 21 and he's been on a kick of wanting to try new things. He was so down to earth and fun to work with that I wanted to see if he would be willing to do another film — one that involved getting his big dick sucked!

He was a bit nervous about the idea initially, but was also very open to the new experience. Right away, I knew that Calvin’s laid-back approach to sex would be good for easing Julio into it.

And, boy, did it ever! They had an intense make-out session until Calvin couldn’t take much more. He got Julio’s pants off and immediately went to town devouring his cock. He was slapping it on his face, sucking on Julio’s balls and even rolled him over to munch on his ass.

Calvin finally laid on his back jerking his dick off while Julio fucked his mouth. Julio shot his load on Calvin’s face and chest and finished by kissing it all off!

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