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Jarek has a naturally lean body. He works out about six days a week but says he eats more than anyone he knows. He said that in high school, he was a quiet, shy guy and somewhat of a geek. You know how high school can be, though, and he's definitely grown out of that awkward stage and turned into a hot little jock.

One thing in high school he was not shy about was being naked in the showers in gym class.

"My dick was pretty big for my age," he said with a smile. "It was fun watching the other guys secretly compare!"

Yeah, Jarek does have a huge uncut cock with a big set of balls!

“So what’s your most awkward naked story?”

“It’s not really awkward, or naked," he replied. "But when I was in sixth grade my teacher sat me in the back of the classroom and I was so bored that I just started jacking off.”

“Did anyone notice?”

“No, I only did it for like 20 seconds and then I was afraid I might get caught.”

Jarek has a muscle butt with just the right amount of fuzz, and he also has a little bit of a kinky side.

“So, when you’re being crazy in bed, does anyone ever play with your ass?”

“Not really any finger action, just some tongue action – that’s it, nothing too crazy” he said.

“You like that?”

“Yeah, a little bit you know. A little tickle doesn’t hurt...”

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