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Jarek & Lane

Jarek & Lane

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Lane has come a long way since moving out of his parents’ strict home and going off to college. In his film with Jonah, he admitted to some experimentation and discovered he likes it quite a bit!

He’s maintained that adorable nerdy look, and the smile he gets when he knows he is going to get fucked is priceless.

Jarek has admitted to having been a bit of a geek growing up. Unlike Lane, his curiosity brought out a more dominant and aggressive side.

“What do you think about Lane?”

“I think his nipple needs to be a little harder,” Jarek laughed.

“Oh, it will, it will,” Lane replied.

Jarek wasted no time in showing Lane how he likes to take control of a situation. By the time he had fucked Lane senseless, I realized I hadn’t seen Lane THIS eager for anyone’s dick before...

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