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Ewan recently moved to a beach town on the west coast and he loves the lifestyle.

“Were you a good kid or a bad kid?” we asked him.

“Uh, not the best kid, we’ll go with that,” he replied. “I had to get sent to a military school for one.”

He described military school as a “bitch” especially when they’d make him do push-ups for hours just to kill time. But the physical discipline has paid off. His body is lean and defined and he has long muscular legs. His cock is nice and thick with big balls and a nice big head.

After shooting an impressive load all over a mirror, we went for a hike to go find a waterfall he wanted to see. It was a long hike and he got a little sunburned, but the beautiful scenery made it worth it to him.

Back at the studio, Ewan walked through the door and forgot to shut it. One of our guys jokingly told him, “Hey, shut the door.”

“Yes sir,” he replied, without hesitation.

That was definitely his military school training coming through!

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