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Dennis & Jamie

Dennis & Jamie

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One of the things I love about versatility is that the sex is usually twice as intense. Take Jamie and Dennis, for instance — they both have fucked and been fucked. And they love doing both. That just makes my job harder. Usually, there’s one guy who you know is going to be the top and one that is going to bottom. With these two, it could have gone either way. So, do I let them decide? Do I just let it happen and see who takes on the more dominant role? Do I wait and hope that they’ll just end up fucking each other?

When they met, it became pretty obvious that Jamie was going to be the bottom. Dennis did his research and had heard some great things about Jamie’s exceptional “talents.” He also hasn’t topped for a while and really wanted to fuck. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jamie would have been a great top, but Dennis was so excited about fucking that he wouldn’t stop talking about it!

Both of these guys are funny, very down to earth and seemingly unafraid of almost anything. The two of them together was like "ham-it-up" central… almost as if it were a competition to see who had the biggest balls, who could make the most awkward face, or who was the most flexible. But in the end, the real question I had was...Who’s face would end up covered in cum?

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