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Enzo is a quiet, shy type with a big heart of gold who rarely seeks praise or the limelight. He's 35 and says he loves being that age.

He’s got somewhat of a “bucket list” of things he wants to do. One of the things on that list that is to jerk off in front of the camera and show how much work he puts into staying fit!

“What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done?”

“Anybody needs something,” he said. “I pretty much drop what I’m doing and go give them a hand.”

Enzo’s body is very solid and well proportioned even though he says he’s just not genetically inclined to have big legs. He’s handsome, has a beefy chest, and I think he has great hairy legs and a very nice bubble butt.

When his cock is hard, it has an amazing left curve with bit of a twist. It’s got a nice big head that he likes to squeeze quite often when he jerks off.

I’m glad Enzo decided to get in front of the camera. It was hot watching him jerking off. It’s safe to say that it was a good thing he had this on his list of things to do!

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