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Esteban & Trevor

Esteban & Trevor

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Esteban’s got such a wild imagination that maybe he should be writing porn movies instead of starring in them! (Yeah, no, he's too hot not to be in front of the camera.)

Hooking him up with an equally imaginative and versatile stud like Trevor was an easy decision. Little did I know the trouble they’d cause!

They clicked instantly. I think they were conspiring to see who could prank the most people during their shoot. They were joking around so much in the beginning that I wasn’t even sure we were going to get the film off the ground.

But once the sex started, it was worth all the pranks and joking around. Trevor, is versatile but enjoys getting fucked, so that's what he decided to do. Esteban, who got fucked for the first time with Jamie, was excited to be back in the top seat. And, while I know that Esteban enjoyed putting a new notch in his “experience with guys” belt by getting fucked, he’s in top form when he’s doing the fucking.

These two together are like the hot, crazy, wild fraternity brothers who cause chaos on campus all day, hit the gym to pump up and then head back to the frat house for a secret hot sweaty fuck session. How’s that for imagination...

Oh, and remember the size of Esteban’s loads? Well, I have two words for you: cum pool — something Trevor didn’t mind at all!

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