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The exciting thing about bisexual guys is that they tend to like experimentation. They get a taste of both ends of the "spectrum," leaving them open to explore just about anything. Cliff is no exception. Up until a few months ago, he’d only been with girls. It turns out that he and a friend got drunk at a party, and then one of their other friends blew them both in the bathroom! Ever since, he’s been open to experimenting more and more with guys.

“What’s your dirtiest fantasy?”

“Probably a threesome,” he said.

“Two guys? Girl and a guy?”

“Definitely a girl and a guy…so I can plow ‘em both,” he laughed.

Cliff balances his time in the gym with his love of sports. He spends a lot of his time playing football, riding his quad or just laying in the sun... naked. So, not only is he bisexual and into three-ways, he’s also a bit of an exhibitionist.

Well, he has a great body, so why not show it off? His chest is ripped, his abs are cut and that muscled "V" points you directly to his thick cock. He keeps his hair shaved pretty short, which might make you think he’s in the military, but he’s not. He's also got piercing blue eyes and a smile that has probably been used to find a date or two!

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