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Beau & Mitch

Beau & Mitch

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Beau is back! He’s been dedicating himself to school and balancing time with his friends. It seems that bars provide a bit of adventure for him — remember his jaw being wired shut after a bar fight? Well this time around he admits to another type of adventure at a bar... kissing his (male) friend after a good game of pool and a shot or two of tequila!

I don’t know if that’s what prompted him to get in touch with me again but I sensed that his curiosity was getting the best of him. Mitch immediately came to mind as the perfect guy for Beau to fuck. He’s in great shape, can take a good fucking and most of all, he can make anyone comfortable.

I could see Beau’s nerves kicking in when we started. No matter what I did to try and calm him down, he was anxious and very quiet. Mitch ended up doing exactly what I thought he would — he cracked some jokes, got a round of arm wrestling going in between takes, and really loosened Beau up.

Beau returned the favor. He pounded Mitch with his big dick to the point where Mitch’s hole opened right up. Mitch moaned with every stroke and was left soaked in sweat and cum by the time Beau was done with him. Not bad for Beau's first time!

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