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Charlie is pretty much the definition of the “All American Guy.” He’s handsome, well built, and very nice. He played sports while in school and made sure he kept his body in shape. He’s got some very cute good freckles that would make you think he is an innocent guy, but he fully admits to being a bit of a wild boy.

“Congratulations. You just graduated high school. How was that for you, was it a big day?”

“It was a really big day,” he said. “A lot of people were happy for me because they thought I wasn’t going to.”

“Why is that? Did you spend all your time slackin’ off or were you just goofing around too much?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say goofing off, but I’m a pretty big procrastinator,” he laughed.

He got naked, showed off his muscles, and was hard pretty quickly. He came all over his stomach and rubbed his cum all over himself — which it turns out, he does all the time.

“I actually find it better than lotion,” he said. “It’s very normal for me, I do it all the time!”

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