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Charlie & Jamie

Charlie & Jamie

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Charlie was extremely energetic during his first video. He was bouncing all over the place and ready to get to it! I needed someone that could balance out his energy while still maintaining that excitement he has for sex.

Jamie shares that excitement and I had a feeling that Charlie would appreciate him on a physical level and would connect with him since they are both young, sexually charged studs that have a lot in common.

“What do you think about his chest?”

“He has a real developed chest. It’s muscular. I like the hair man... it’s sexy,” Charlie said as he caressed Jamie's chest.

“Do you wanna suck on it?”

“I’d love to.”

I hadn’t seen anyone worship Jamie’s body like that before. Charlie kissed Jamie’s chest, breathing it in with a sensuality I didn’t expect. That continued down to Jamie’s cock. This was Charlie’s first time sucking cock and he definitely took his time, ensuring Jamie enjoyed it.

That energy carried on throughout. Jamie fucked Charlie with an intensity that made Charlie’s toes curl until he came. Jamie laid on top of Charlie, kissing him and rubbing their cum covered cocks together. They stopped and looked at each other and smiled. This was definitely a perfect pairing!

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