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If you think about the boys of summer — those jocks and surfers you see at the beach all day long — Rick definitely fits the bill. He’s a very handsome, jock beach boy with a nearly perfect body and a big, beautiful white smile.

Rick is a die-hard sports fanatic. He grew up playing baseball, tennis and golf. I guess you could say, anything with a stick that he can swing, he’s all about it. He also spends a lot of time outdoors, but only in the warm weather. He really hates snow!

Rick’s personality is very cool and upbeat and talking with him is easy.

“So, how often do you get head?”

“About twice a month,” he replied with a smile.

“That’s pretty good. You’re like a good boy all the way around.”

“I do my best.”

“What kind of sex are you into?”

“Nothing freaky," he replied. "But maybe a little spanking!”

“Do you get spanked or do they get spanked?”

“Oh hey, either way, that’s cool.”

Rick is ripped and tan all over. His body is incredible and his cock is thick and cut. And, he’s a sprayer when he cums — it shoots everywhere!

Rick is straight, but he enjoys the gay community. He’s extremely close with his gay uncle and his uncle’s partner, three lesbian cousins and three of his best friends. And, he goes out to the gay clubs with them a lot.

I'm not sure if that means we’ll see him getting it on with a guy or not... but, one can hope!

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