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Calvin & Esteban

Calvin & Esteban

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The super handsome Esteban is just one of those guys you like to be around, talk to, and hang out with. That’s almost exactly how I’d describe Calvin, whose happy, go-lucky attitude is matched by his eagerness to do and experience more. That and he likes to be naked, a lot.

“You guys ready to make a movie?”

“Yeah, definitely, I’m down for that,” said Esteban. “You know, since I’m here.”

“Have you seen it yet?” I asked Calvin.

“No, I have not seen his wiener, but I will see it today. Well, I’ll more than see it,” he laughed.

“We’ve got all the Magnums and the XXXL’s ready.”

“Uh oh, I’m fucked,” Calvin said.

As they were making out, clothes were flying off and soon, Calvin’s pants were down and Esteban was munching away on his ass. Then, to my surprise, Esteban turned around and sat on Calvin’s face, and was expecting a little reciprocity. Calvin totally got the hint.

They both ate each other’s asses, 69-style, until Esteban was ready to start fucking. And, boy did he get creative — they fucked in some pretty imaginative positions!

They both came like they hadn't had sex in weeks. And, they expelled so much energy that all they wanted to do was just pass out – cum and all...

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