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This is Steven’s first time in front of a video camera – ever. He said he’s always been somewhat camera shy and is trying to break out of that. He’s a handsome jock with dirty blond hair and beautiful blue yes. Steven has lived in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the US and he appreciated getting to travel a lot at a young age, though it made it fairly difficult to make friends.

Steven is one of those naturally fit guys who up until recently never went to the gym. He relied totally on sports to keep his body fit and in shape. He’s a cross country runner who likes to jog at the beach with his shirt off… he really likes the attention! Steven’s got a nice chest and flat abs so if he doesn’t work out he’s got some pretty amazing genes in his family.

His cock gets nice and hard and I was surprised he wasn’t a little more bashful when he started to jack off. He definitely didn’t have a problem working out a nice big load that he shot all over his stomach, chest, and neck.

He went for a run – shirtless at the beach, of course – and then came back for a shower. He enjoyed playing with his cock in the shower, and then worked up quite a sweat jacking off on the rug and shooting all over the hardwood floor!

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