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Steven & Jarek

Steven & Jarek

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Steven always seemed pretty conservative to me, and he was someone I didn’t think would consider going any further, especially since it involved another guy. He said he is straight and that he had only had anal sex with girls. I don't know what changed his mind about getting fucked, but I was very glad he did! He showed up a bit nervous but there was some excitement in that smile of his as well.

Jarek, as we all know, is much less inhibited than Steven, given his penchant for public nudity and adventure. It made sense to me to have him show Steven how much fun getting fucked could be.

While getting started, Steven mentioned he had once used grape jelly to jerk off with, claiming he did it out of boredom. Hey, whatever works, right? He also mentioned to Jarek that he had never been fucked. Jarek was excited to learn this and coined the phrase of the day... “Be nice, or I’ll be mean.”

Well he wasn’t mean. Once they started making out and got undressed, things went from nice to extremely hot. The look on Steven’s face was almost like he couldn’t believe how good it felt to get fucked. His cock stayed hard the whole time he was getting his smooth ass pounded..

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