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Campbell has a subtle charm about him. He recently decided to take some time away from studying psychology to go out and explore the world. He works full time now, which affords him the extra cash to enjoy some travel and other leisure activities he never really got to experience growing up.

He had submitted his photos via the web site and he seemed excited about doing some films, even though he mentioned that he isn’t much of an exhibitionist. He did seem to enjoy the fact that nobody knew he was here, so maybe it's the secrets he likes!

He's into sports, and snow boarding and wrestling kept him really fit through junior high and high school. Now, he spends a lot of time lifting weights at the gym. He’s always been tall and lean and his goal is to build up his already chiseled body. He's very sexy, with just the right amount of hair on his perfectly round ass and a long, impressive cock.

The one thing that Campbell loves is oral sex, both giving and receiving. He says he's somewhat of an expert, so maybe we'll get to see!

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