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Daryl has an amazing muscular body, and his muscles stick out even when he's wearing clothes! He’s got amazing pecs, which are his favorite part, and he loves to make them “dance.” He’s also got a big, long dick, that easily accommodates a smooth two-handed stroke.

Daryl is a well-rounded guy and he says he's become much more adventurous since he finished school. Getting to know him was quite fascinating because he doesn’t really hold back much. He’s very athletic. One of his favorite outlets for aggression is the boxing ring. He claims to be more of a lover than a fighter, but he will fight if he has to.

He’s single right now but he's always looking for “the one.” He admitted that could be anyone, and he really only has one requirement: they have to be hot, and not just on the outside. He’s attracted to people with substance, not just looks...

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