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Emilio is half Puerto Rican and half Costa Rican. He's tall and handsome, but what's most attractive about him is his attitude. He’s extremely positive, ambitious, and always happy and his smile really said it all. I don’t think he stopped smiling during his entire visit with us.

He describes himself as a “thrill seeker” and he loves challenging situations, whether physical or mental — something he learned from his coaches back in high school. He spent a lot of his childhood being a jock, playing sports like volleyball and soccer and was never afraid of getting hurt or taking a hit or a spill.

Now that he’s in college, his focus has shifted to academics. Emilio is studying to be an architect which leaves little time for extracurricular activities. What free time he does have, he spends in the gym. He's solid, lean, and built, with meaty legs, incredible low-hanging balls, and a nice thick cock that curves just slightly to the right!

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