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When I first met Lukas, I thought to myself, this guy looks real sweet and innocent, like he’s never done a bad thing in his life. I wasn’t too far off base. He is a preacher’s son who grew up in a small town in the northeast part of the country. His upbringing was strict, but he was sheltered from many of life’s more harsh realities and wasn’t really a troublemaker.

“Tell me what you’re most afraid of?”

“Probably the dark,” he said. “I can’t watch scary movies or go out or be home by myself when it’s too dark out.”

It turns out he had a older brother that scared him one too many times while watching scary movies when he was younger!

He was injured during a scrimmage in middle school playing football, which left him off the team. So, he substituted the gym for the field. He works out about five times a week and has a nice lean, fit body to show for it.

He works construction about six days a week. He’s got that tan line that stops right at his butt from all the hours he spends out in the sun shingling roofs. And, his butt is tight, smooth and round and he’s got a thick cock that shoots huge loads!

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