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Jess & Calvin

Jess & Calvin

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I have to admit that Jess and Calvin are two of the most entertaining guys I’ve worked with. There’s always a joke or a or a prank or a funny story. I wanted them to have some fun before we started, so I asked them to come up with a game. Our crew had been shopping the week before and we all kinds of fun stuff — sports equipment, outdoor gear, and so forth.

I let them have free reign, the only requirement being the stakes: winner gets head, loser gets to suck it!

Now, for many guys, the competition itself sounds like a win-win. But, we’ve all seen the size of Jess’ dick and I can understand how it might be a jaw-aching challenge for someone’s mouth. The guys had a great time sorting through the toys and coming up with ideas. At last they both agreed — it would be a “modified” ring toss.

Calvin was off to a great start. His first shot landed right in the box. But things for him started going downhill after that and guess who ended up with a huge dick in his mouth? And that is when the fun really started. Calvin made it a personal challenge to see how much of Jess’ dick he could take and he took it like a true champ in every way! And that just got him warmed up for the sex...

In the end, Calvin went from a ring toss loser to a well-fucked, cum-drenched bottom ready for everything Jess had for him. I hadn’t heard an orgasm come out of Calvin like this before. He was here to please. He was hungry. He drained every last drop out of Jess’ dick. This ended up being a game where no one lost!

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