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More often than you’d think, I get the opportunity to meet guys who have no idea they are as hot as they are. Oliver is one of those guys. A real genuine, humble, ultra-casual sort of guy who’s got this very sexy shy, awkwardness about him. Oliver is on a quest for experience, taking a break from work, school and family to travel up and down the coast. He thinks the Navy might be the next step for him — just not yet.

Oliver grew up in a small, rural town so he wasn’t exposed to much of the “big city” life. He spent a lot of time daydreaming about exploring the world. From what I gathered, boredom was a catalyst for many of his wild antics — which once included getting a blowjob from his girlfriend while standing at the school bus stop!

Although he's not on a strict gym routine, it’s obvious that his active lifestyle keeps him in shape. He practices a lot of core and body-weight exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and leg lifts. He has to make do sometimes because on his extended road trip gyms aren't always available.

For a guy who’s 6 feet tall, he's also pretty flexible. He can maneuver his legs into some pretty interesting positions. And, it had been a while since he last jerked off, so he had quite a bit of pent-up energy. Let’s just say, when he cums, he cums a lot!

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