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Jarek & Campbell

Jarek & Campbell

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It’s not often we get guys celebrating their actual birthdays on the day of their video! Jarek hit a milestone, 21, the very day he was planning to come visit us so what better way to break the ice than with birthday spankings?

As soon as he and Campbell were undressed, I had Jarek bend over on the bed and Campbell give him some good smacks on the ass (which I think Jarek enjoyed). Campbell seemed to have a little too much fun doing it, possibly because he knew what his own ass was going to be put through in the time ahead. Jarek has a large cock, so it was good Campbell got even beforehand!

Of course, Jarek knew just what to do and how to do it and took many liberties positioning Campbell exactly the way he wanted him. He put Campbell’s ass straight up in the air, knees behind his ears, leaving Campbell open to a deep rim job, lots of hole teasing, and finally a good hard pounding. Campbell is a lot more flexible than I thought!

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